Mutual of Omaha – How To Order Supplies

Use the provided Mutual of Omaha Supply order form (AFN42854_0718)

A.     Enter your producer information in all fields at top of form

B.     Under “HEALTH – Point of Sale Kits”, enter the quantity of kits you are requesting on the “Med Supp” line.

IMPORTANT: Include the name of the state you are wishing to order.  Example: “WA/5” for 5 kits for Washington State.

C.     If you are requesting more than 5 kits, scroll down to the “Comments” section and provide a business justification for the requested quantity

D.     Email the completed form to

Allow 5-7 business days to receive your order


In order to receive materials you must be appointed for the product and state you are representing.

You may also call Mutual of Omaha Sales Support for supplies:

1-800-693-6083 – Option 1