Humana – How To Order Supplies

NOTE: Do not use your browser’s buttons. If you need to go back, use the navigation prompts available on most pages throughout the site.

A. Log into

Click Agent Log-in

Enter Humana SAN & Last Name

B. Click “Submit”

C. Click “Initial Order Sales Materials Request” or Reorder Sales Materials Request

D. If reordering plan materials, you will be prompted to choose your plan year, click Next

E. Select where to send sales materials by selecting either Business Address, Residence Address or entering a New

F. Verify your “Email Address”, click “Next”

G. Select the state(s) for which you plan to order sales material by checking the box(s), click “Next”

H. Select the counties for which you plan to order sales materials (click the arrow to show all counties), click “Next”

I. Choose the plans you are interested in selling, click “Next”

J. Enter the quantities needed for each individual item you order, click “Next”

K. Enter the quantities needed for each individual brochure or flyer that you want to order, click “Next”

L. It will now give you the option for Medicare Supplement Enter a quantity if desired, click “Next”.

M. Review order summary and verify that everything is

N. Select “Submit” (If you need to edit, click “Previous”)

You will see an order confirmation page saying “You have successfully completed your order”. Save your confirmation number for tracking your order.

You may also order supplies over the phone by calling Agent Support at 1-800-309-3163


Video Tutorial & Supply information:

In order to receive materials you must be Licensed, Appointed, and Certified for the product you are representing. You must also send your training certificate to

Please allow at least 7 business days for supplies to reach the agent.

Be sure to have your Agent ID (SAN) number and the plan numbers, states, and counties that you are interested in ordering readily available when placing the order.

To track the status of your ordered materials, please click following link:

You have to log in with the SAN used to place the order. PLEASE USE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBERS TO TRACK (we are seeing some errors with the “track by SAN” functionality).

Humana uses a vendor called Arvato for shipping on the West Coast. You will need to click on the additional link within the ordering system. If you have pop-ups blocked, you will need to add an exception for this site in order for the tracking page to open.

If you encounter any issues with the order system, please call Humana Agent Support at 1-800-309-3163 or email

PDFs of the plan materials will be posted to the Connexion website once available. Please note that Humana does not supply PDFs of the paper application.